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7 Benefits Of Eating With Chopsticks

Mastering the skill of eating with chopsticks is not an easy feat. But before you give up, you should know that these traditional Western eating utensils have many cool benefits. Here's why you'll want to ditch your spoon, fork and knife forever and use only chopsticks from now on.
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Chopstick Etiquette

Eating with chopsticks has now become a fashionable thing among many of us in the Western countries. And we've learned to use this 5000-year old cutlery quite well. But while ably using chopsticks to eat the delicious Pad Thai, most of us are unknowingly sending table manners to hell.

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The Fascinating History Of Chopsticks

Nowadays, people around the world use chopsticks when munching on the delicious Asian specialties, but the history of these popular table utensils ...
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